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ALL YOU CAN EAT Buffalo Chicken Wings or Buffalo Cauliflower for the price of a large portion.

Wings Wednesday

ALL YOU CAN EAT Buffalo Chicken Wings or Buffalo Cauliflower for the price of a large portion. Happening every single Wednesday!

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Secret Menu


Our kitchen crew introduces a new & limited dish on our "Secret Menu" on most Thursdays. Delicious food items with exceptional flavours!

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Groups Are Welcome

Groups Are Welcome

Our downstairs room is great for larger groups that want to stay a bit private (up to 30 people). The Group Menu offers a few tasty dishes! Drop us an email for more details:


BrewDog Reykjavik is a privately owned craft beer bar & restaurant, located on the corner of Frakkastigur & Hverfisgata in the heart of Reykjavik, Iceland.

We are one of many BrewDog franchise bars around the world and we sure have a great passion for craft beers & delicious food. We strive to offer our guests the very best of both BrewDog and the local craft beers.

Best Craft Bar in Reykjavik

We are proud to be called The Best Craft Bar according to Reykjavik Grapevine's "Best of Reykjavik 2020" magazine!

Winner: Travelers' Choice 2020

Each year, Tripadvisor combs through reviews, ratings, and saves from travelers everywhere, and uses that info to award the very best.



BrewDog was born with the aim to revolutionize the beer industry and completely redefine beer-drinking culture. We’re determined to make a stand for independence, a stand for quality and stand for craft. And a big part of this is shamelessly spreading our passion for great craft beer.

Variety is the spice of life, so the saying goes, but chances are the person who dreamed up that freezer magnet-friendly proverb was never presented with a twenty tap beer board and a helpful staff member smiling at them with the question ‘So, what would you like?’. The very best thing about the wonders of craft beer is the sheer amount of different styles, strengths and flavours on offer. But what if your turn at the bar arrives before you’ve made up your mind? What do you do if there’s more than one beer you’d like to try?

Well, that’s where our beer flights come in.


Any beer on draft at our BrewDog bar can be enjoyed as part of a four-beer flight, served up in 200ml tasting glasses. Our BrewDog bar crews are primed and waiting, ready to dispense advice and tips about what all of the beers are and how they might go together as part of a flight; so don’t feel bad for asking their advice! (In fact, we have ‘flight of the week’ to offer a few commonly-enjoyed combinations).

But if you want a few flight pointers – here are three possible approaches to take!

Hit the Headliners

For anybody new to the joys of craft beer, or BrewDog in particular, a great place to start would be with a selection of our headlining beers. Flights give you a quartet of chances to get to know the strengths of a brewery (they are a ubiquitous feature of US taprooms), so ordering up a foursome of Punk IPA, Kingpin, 5AM Saint and Jet Black Heart – for example – is the ideal way to get to know why we go to work every morning, and what we do when we get there.

Go Vertical

Alternatively, given beer comes in at a wide range of alcohol strengths you could pick a series to reflect this and break the tastebuds in gently. Working upwards from the lowest ABV gives a chance to choose four increasingly full-on options and discover how the flavours increase in turn. So a third-pint of session pale ale (such as Dead Pony Club) could be followed by an American pale ale, an IPA and finally a double IPA for the ultimate hop sequence!

Dial in a Style

Finally, flights can be used to compare and contrast four attempts at a similar style from different breweries. If your local BrewDog bar just happens to have four stouts or porters on offer, decamp to a quiet booth and pick a winner. How have the various producers fared? From the most basic choice of which you prefer to a more focused attempt to pick individual flavour profiles from the beers and see where they vary. Who has aced the roastiness? Which is the most bitter?

How you approach your four-pronged beery assault is totally up to you, of course. You can adopt one of the patterns above, or simply pick whichever four beers take your fancy. If there’s a tap takeover in the house, for example, flights give you four times the chance to try the beers on offer! They are the very best way to reflect the sheer diversity of craft beer that we serve up in our bars.

Let us know what your ideal beery flight would consist of, and if you’ve had the chance to enjoy a craft beer quartet in one of our bars, what foursome did you select?

We are extremely proud of our kitchen crew and the creative dishes and tasty hot sauces they develop in addition to our main menus. Every now and then we offer a Secred Menu for a limited time. Delicious food items with exceptional flavours.

They kitchen crew has their own Instagram account, @thelab_brewdogreykjavik, a creative space where they will post photos, videos and stories about the creative process behind the secred menus and play time!

The Lab At BrewDog Reykjavik Instagram Page


Sit back, grab a Punk and enjoy the game!

We're not fans of sports bars – we’ll admit it. But not because of the sport; because of the beer. A dozen screens mean nothing if you serve mostly industrial lagers. Whether you are a sports fan or an Equity Punk, or both, your local BrewDog bar is where beer comes first and sport a close second.

BrewDog Reykjavik Fan Zone is located at the lower floor of BrewDog Reykjavik Bar, Frakkastigur 8a, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland. Selected games will be on our weekly schedule. There will be finger licking food available from our kitchen and a great selection of craft beers. Sit back, grab a Punk & enjoy the game!

FanZone Facebook Page

Cycling. More people than ever are becoming two-wheeled warriors – just like more people than ever are discovering the flavour and choice of craft beer. But the two can’t go together, can they? They sure as hell can. Saddle up and clip in – the BrewDog Chain Gang is here.

Our global cycling club unites anyone with a passion for cycling and craft beer. The BrewDog Chain Gang uses bars as Clubhouses, giving the perfect place to meet up and hit the road and then the even more perfect place to relax afterwards with a beer and refuel with food. Shoot the breeze with likeminded men and women and then power through that breeze with your Chain Gang crew.

Anyone who shares a love of cycling can join - roadies, fixies, downhillers – it’s all good! If you love nothing better than hitting the roads or hills on two wheels then we can make it even better – just add craft beer.

BrewDog ChainGang: Reykjavik Chapter of was founded in the fall of 2018. Every other Sunday we schedule a ride at noon to and from our Clubhouse, BrewDog Reykjavik. Join our Facebook Page for more details and happy rolling!

Reykjavik Chapter Facebook Page Offical Club Page